CarbonTracker is windows based application, developed using Microsoft .Net. The main purpose of the system lies in recording and keeping track of the composting process at various stages of processing waste. Captured data will be used to produce valid reports to support and claim carbon credits.

Application runs general and specific validation while capturing data. All the logs must comply with signatures of authority heads, who entered the data with time stamp. As an additional proof application will scan the paper logs and maintain the soft copy as part of traceability.

Formulas and other mathematical calculations are applied, to be able to derive specific parameterised calculations.

Following are the core modules:

  • User And Use Management (Authorization and Authentication)
  • Vehicle Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Sales invoicing (Logging)
  • Fuel Tracking management
  • Ex-Ante Values Management
  • 18 Different types of data capture and management logs.
  • 12 Customized reports with flexibility to add more reports as per clients requirements.