InvoiceEDI, is an integrated windows based application which takes care of company’s invoicing, maintaining vendor wise inventory list, generating purchase orders from EDI files and EDI invoicing based on industry standards.

This application currently generates EDI files for transmission to:

  • Wal-Mart (810, 812, 820, 850)
  • Sobeys/Loblaws/Oceans (882 , 864)
  • Food Basics

National Grocers (810)

Note: Currently this application is not programmed to manage the 864 Error EDI. This can be customised on requirement.

Following are the key features of this application:

  • Maintaining Inventory:

Customer wise inventory and pricing can be maintained along with general inventory system. This allows application to pick up item and prices based on customer selected. It also maintains the Global Traded Item Numbers and Vendor Special Codes for the purpose of EDI.

  • Customer Management & Pricing:

Independent vendors are maintained with their dedicated inventory list and codes so that invoicing through EDI is made possible.

  • Invoicing:
    • Printed invoices are generated for drivers to be produces at client’s warehouse or retail location.
    • Items can be show on the invoice by modifying the invoice along with credit note number.
    • Multi select invoice and generate the EDI files to be transmitted to the vendors based on the EDI formats supported by receiving system.
  • Purchase Orders:

Ability to read EDI 850 purchase orders received, and translates it to human readable reports, based on which user can generate the invoice. This process can be atomized, such that application will generate the invoice automatically by reading the EDI Purchase Order.

  • Reports:
    • Item wise quantity sold report by date range.
    • Vendor wise quantity sold by date range.
    • EDI submitted report by date range.