(PTR) Project Technology And Resource Consulting

MapleLeaf’s primary objective is to provide exceptional service and value for time and efforts.

Project Consulting

The important challenge of project and delivery management is to ensure that a project is delivered within defined constraints.

Our approach to the delivery of our client’s project is simple. MapleLeaf identifies appropriate practice and techniques for managing projects on your behalf. Our team work closely with you to ensure that your organization achieve the best results.

Good project management requires teamwork, but it also demands leadership. We lead from the front, helping to create a structured, collaborative and positive environment in which every member of your project team can deliver their best. This involves developing and writing various documents like:

1. Project Scope Document

2. Business Requirement Document

3. Business Rule Catalog

4. Functional Requirement Document

5. Use Case Diagram

6. Periodic Development Status Report (MapleLeaf’s standard templates)

7. Developing Test Cases

The Project Management services we provide have been developed over many years to give you the highest possible levels of certainty, with an exceptional track record of delivering success for our clients.

The job of a project manager usually involves working on finite projects or objectives. A project manager works to identify the triple constraint of time, scope and cost of a project. Then, they plan and report on the delivery of the project.

Technology Consulting

With increasing competition and stay ahead of the game, there is a continuous need for businesses to challenge software application to solve complex problems by pushing boundaries of the existing technologies. This is done to as a means of perpetual race against implementing better ways to facilitate operational efficiency of resources and organization as a whole. This will allow organizations to improve productivity and save money through usage of competent software systems.

Our technology experts adapts to continuous changes in the market trends which requires older application to be migrated or newer development to be performed with cutting edge technologies. This allows our clients and business partners to place themselves at niche.

Resource Consulting

Resource management is an inseparable part of project management. Our team of programmers are self managed. Our top management make sure that the right resources are working on the right projects, based on a real-time project timeline, and as the project evolves. Increase resource utilization and manage and deploy resources to projects based on employee’s skills, interests, experience, and availability.