Software Maintenance

In current scenario, business practices, policies and methodologies undergoes continuous changes to adopt to newer, better and emerging technologies. This keeps every on toes to manage their IT requirements at the same time capitalizing on current assets.

Software maintenance and enhancement is one of the most important phase of the development life cycle. Maintenance process represents the enhancements and improvements to existing system which keeps the system scalable. MapleLeaf Technologies helps organization to achieve this task with an industry proven approaches and patterns.

This activities can range from minor fixes, enhancements, pluggable modules development to cater for new requirements. All this is done with utmost care and vigilance, without affecting the existing application.


  • Offshore and onsite maintenance
  • Bug fixing and troubleshooting
  • Bug tracking and reporting
  • Fine tuning the product functionality to make it scalable
  • Research, design, and implementation of new features


  • The performance of the software must be maintained (per-fect-ive maintenance)
  • The errors in specifications, design, and implementation must be corrected
  • The final product must also evolve to existence (evolution maintenance)