MapleLeaf Technologies

MapleLeaf Technologies is a business solutions provider and a software development organization with a difference. Instead of fitting a business into an IT solution through off-the-shelf products, we take the reverse (and the correct) approach. We fit a software solution into a business We take this approach because we understand that:

MLTProjects Demo

This demo has been designed to simulate an MLTProjects experience. It includes sample data of a demo company, and user will have the ability to control features and functions, just as an actual MLTProjects user (with some security limitations). Periodically, we will refresh the data to help everyone share similiar experience when entering the Demo.

Note: please refrain from entering any personal or offensive data, as other evaluators may see this information before the session refreshes.

Click here to login as Administrator

The “Administrator” account will provide full access to administrative features available in the product. Here, you will see features that will assist Administrators in managing MLTProjects and their Users.


I got my new website constructed by MapleLeaf Technologies which is very professionally done and generates a lot of interest to the visitors. It has helped me a lot in enhancing my professional image in the industry and capturing new business more easily than before. It has paid me much much more than I spent.
Nilesh Dalwadi, Remax
We were in a search of a professionals and a same time friendly people for our organisation’s website designing. Our search came at its conclusion when we met Hitesh to serve our purpose. Designing website is not just to do designing and bit of programming. I found that hitesh and his team had made the best effort to understand what exactly our services are and how effectively they can be projected which was done effectively by MLT, Thank you for your great effort and I wish you all the very best.”
Dr. Nikunj Chavda, Kadji